easier said than done.

The Relationship Audit

The Relationship Audit is a cut-to-the-chase approach to relationship coaching and is ideal for people who keep hitting up against the same frustrations in their relationship but don’t know how to move past them. The audit is completely customized to YOUR relationship, and will unlock the secrets you need for creating the relationship of your dreams. The Audit offers:

  • A pre-determined amount of sessions, so you do not spend endless money and time in therapy
  • Clarity on the exact underlying issues that are contributing to the problems
  • A clear map for you to follow in order to create ongoing relationship success

Spend less time trying to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong.

Get straight to the heart of the issue in your relationship.

Save money and time.

Figure out how to solve disagreements, like parenting, finances, responsibilities, etc.

Start to like your spouse again.


  • 10 hours of in-person sessions
  • a customized relationship audit, highlighting each partner’s specific strengths, attachment styles, and the relationship strategies they use that impact the relationship.
  • personalized relationship handbook (digital and print version)
    • includes the printable audit
    • includes tips, skills and resources curated to your specific challenges
    • includes strategies, exercises and action steps for when trouble spots resurface
    • includes a map of where to go from here to ensure continued success
  • 1 follow up email a month for ten months. The emails will include personalized reminders and additional resources based on your needs to keep you both on track


This phase is when I reveal the relationship audit, highlighting the specific things each of you are doing to contribute to the dynamic and helping the two of you understand each other better.

5. Joint session (1.5 hours)

6. Joint session (1.5 hours)


This phase is where I get to know more about you both, hear what the problems are and explore past issues that keep resurfacing.

  1. Joint session (1.5 hours)
  2. Individual session: Partner A (1 hour)
  3. Individual session: Partner B (1 hour)
  4. Joint session (1.5 hours)


This phase is about using everything you now know about each other, strategizing for the future and gaining new skills to improve communication, access compassion, and deepen connection.

7. Joint session (2 hours)

This program is for you if…

  • you and your partner value honest self-reflection, straight forward approaches, clarity, innovation and results.
  • you and/or your partner are in individual counseling and don’t want the additional expense of, or have time for, ongoing couple’s counseling.
  • you are struggling to get your partner to see the value in therapy. (This program uses a cut-to-the-chase approach, which is perfect for those that have limited time or resist the idea of therapy.)
  • you want to improve your relationship, but do not know where to start or how to do things differently.
  • you are tired of fighting the same fight over and over again.

Your Investment


  • 10 hours in-session (most sessions are joint, except for sessions 2 and 3, which are individual)
  • roughly 3 hours cumulative, to fill out questionnaires, assessments, etc. (These are done on your own time, and they are an essential part of getting a full understanding of the relationship dynamic).


  • $2,500
  • can be paid in installments